“Bart Starr Headlines Club Banquet”, Fourth Estate, April 22nd 1970, pg 8

This source is an article from the UWGB school newspaper about Bart Starr’s speech at UWGB’s first Varsity Club night. This source will help us detect the players’ initial relationship with the University, and the students’ perspective on the Packers participation.

“UWGB Varsity Club Now Well Established: LeCalsey”, Green Bay Press Gazette, April 30th 1970

The Green Bay Press Gazette also published a story on Bart Starr’s speech at UWGB’s first Varsity Club night. However, this source will help us get an idea of what the community’s perspective was.

“Golden and Some Peculiar Moments at UWGB”, Green Bay Press Gazette, September 3rd, 2015

In 2015, the Green Bay Press Gazette published an article in honor of UWGB’s 50th anniversary. The article went over some of the most iconic moments in the school’s history. Some of those moments include Vince Lombardi’s opinion on whether or not the university should have a soccer team or a football team. This source will help us analyze what the Packers’ role was in helping us make our final decision.

McCarey, Marilyn, Oral History, Interview, August 24th, 2011, UWGB Oral History Collection

Marilyn McCarey’s interview covered many things including the UWGB color guard and some of Vince Lombardi’s opinions. This source helps us see an entirely different way that the Packers interacted with the university in its early years.

Bauer, Robert, Oral History Interview, June 20th, 2012 UWGB Oral History Collection

This source elaborates on the development of UWGB’s marching band and the Packers’ initial sponsorship. This source will help us look at the relationship between UWGB and the Packers from not just an athletic prospective but a musical one as well, helping us see all of the angles.

Weidner, Edward to Lombardi, Vince, November 30th 1966,

This is an outreach letter from Ed Weidner to Vince Lombardi regarding the start of the school. This letter helps us see that Weidner was the party to initiate contact with the team, which is important. Letters like this one aid us in learning more about the relationship and therefore helps us build a solid argument.