By 1900, the population of Native Americans dropped from several million to less than 250,000. When they started to be confined in reservations and the government took Native Americans to boarding schools where they were stripped from their cultural traditions and forced to assimilate to white western culture.1 They started playing football at these types of schools but when the draft came around, most of the teams looked at white males who were in an actual college.

Although, the Oneida Nations has kept strong ties with the Green Bay Packer organization to this day. In 2003, the Oneida Nations expanded its partnership with the Packers by sponsoring the east gate, which was renewed again in 2012 until 2022.

Lambeau Field East Gate

Oneida Nations has over 35 locations represent them throughout the stadium, which about 70,000 people will see every Sunday during the season.2

“The Green Bay Packers are proud to continue our long-lasting relationship with a great community partner,” said Mark Murphy, the Green Bay Packers Chief Executive and President. “The Oneida Nation shares a rich history with the Packers and we both look forward to continuing to provide great experiences to our residents as well as our visitors.”

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