Aside from Carlisle, Haskell (Indian Nations University) was another school created to assimilate Native Americans, located in Lawrence, Kansas. Though Carlisle is more well known, Haskell also had a football team and created a lot of talented football players some that later went on to play in the NFL, according to Pro Football Daily, they “sent as many players to the NFL as Carlisle did (19 each, with some attending both schools).”1

June 25, 1932, The San Bernardino County Sun


  • Willson Charles Jr: Willson played football at Haskell Indian Nations University where he starred as a fullback. He only played football there, then went on to participant in the Olympics/decathlon.
  • Lawrence Waukechon Johnson: (NFL 1933- 1944) Lawrence, nicknamed “Chief Johnson” by sports journalists, was from Odanah, Wisconsin and played college football at Haskell (Indian Nations University). After college, he went on to play with the Boston Red Skins for two years (‘33-’35). Then Johnson went on to play for the New York Giants, in 1938 he played in the Championship against the Packers and the Giants won. He played in the 1938 Pro Bowl. He played with the Giants until 1939, then he went back and played with the Washington Redskins in 1944.  
    • “When Chief Johnson, a big Indian from Haskell, was our reserve snapper-back, he had the pass for placements down to such an art that the ball always came back to the holder so that it was caught with the laces uppermost.” – Steve Owens (Hall of Fame coach)







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