Key:  ** – Starters for season



Keep in mind, Vince Lombardi coached in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, which was roughly from 1954 to 1968.

This timeline helps show the increase in African American players on the Green Bay Packers Team. Not only does it show them being a part of the team, but it shows how Vince Lombardi was implementing them as Starters in their respective positions. From the first season he coached to the last season, he quadrupled the numbers. 

Vince Lombardi may have increased the numbers, but it was just the starting point to more changes that took place.

 “I tell you right now, Green Bay would be totally, totally misled if they felt for a minute that Lombardi didn’t blaze the way, open the way for black players.” – Willie Davis 1

He did more than just multiply the numbers throughout the nine years as head coach. He integrated them. Lombardi altered the way the city of Green Bay perceived African Americans. He improved the players personal lives – where they lived, who they talked to, who they married.

This timeline only shows the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Lombardi and the integration that he made possible in the Packers program as well as the city.

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