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Pictures and their sources

Lambeau (old, About page)


Lambeau posing to throw a pass (Early Years)


Hutson Posing catching pass (Arrival of Hutson)

Lambeau writing on board with Hutson (Arrival of Hutson)

Don Hutson catching pass downfield (Criticism of the forward pass)

Chicago Cardinals receiver catches pass (NFL Reaction)

Don Hutson Grave (Timeline)

Curly Lambeau Grave (Timeline)

Don Hutson MVP Trophy (Timeline)

Don Hutson Exhibit (Timeline)

1919 Football Team (Timeline)

Cecil Isbell and Don Hutson (Timeline)

Packers Retired Numbers (Timeline)

Johnny “Blood” McNally (Timeline)

Hutson Catching a Pass (Timeline)

Rose Bowl Ticket (Timeline)

Lambeau Passing (Timeline)

Don Hutson (Timeline)

Curly Lambeau (Timeline)

Knute Rockne (Timeline)