After the Fact

Lambeau Field has given back to the┬ácommunity over the years since it’s been built. In 1987, a consulting firm did a study on the impact of the Packer on Green Bay. It was found that fans spent around $830,000 on each home game, but only $270,000 of that total was spent in the stadium. This means that the rest was spent around the Green Bay community. Lambeau Field and the Packers as an attraction bring so many new people to the area to help the community thrive. $44 million was the impact during one Packer season. The most unbelievable fact is that this is still when half of the games where played in Milwaukee.

Another huge was Lambeau gives back to the community is how non-profit organizations run the concession stands. Overall, concessions make abut $40,000 per game, and a fourth of that is given to the organizations that run them. This again shows just how many people come to see games at Lambeau, and how the Packers are using that as an opportunity to give back to their community.