One of the most historic moments in Packer history happened in 1967 in Green Bay, a Superbowl later renamed the “Ice Bowl.” The sub-zero weather and negative wind chill gave this frozen game its name, but this game not only highlights the determination of the Packers but the dedication of the fans. With 50,861 people huddled in the stands of Lambeau field, most of the crowd was Packer fans no doubt, the game marks one of the coldest moments in football history. One woman, Jackie Sarns, talked about that game; in an interview, she talked about how the fans ran out on the field and jumped up on the goal posts that day. With the amount of weight on the posts, both posts were broken by the fans. That was when the fans ran out into the streets, yelling and screaming with joy. Sarns close connection with the Packers and that day, doesn’t come from being an attendee at the game, but because her husband was the one who helped replace the broken poles.

Patty Moore is a long time Packer fan who has established herself as a tour guide at the Lambeau Stadium in Green Bay. Patty followed the Packer’s early road to fame in the 1960’s, going to Packer games with her father and siblings. She tells stories of going to Packer practices and getting signatures on rauster sheets that she has kept over the years. She specifically recalls where she attended the Ice Bowl with her father. She said it was so cold that they stood in boxes to shield their feet from the treacherous winds and snow, but stood in awe as the Packers won the game 21-17 against the Dallas Cowboys. Her undying love for the Packers stems deep into her family history and was a large part of her early childhood.